ECOJER is Kazakh association of regional environmental initiatives


  • We work to save the environment, keeping the technology progress.


  • Our goal is to consolidate the business and civil society to represent and protect common interests, assist in environmental protection activities. We take into account a balanced approach between the government's environmental policy, the public interest in improving environmental quality and the need to develop the economic potential of the business community.


  • Create a dialogue between government, business, and society, assist organizations involved in environmental protection
  • Develop a proposal to maintain a balance between economic growth and improving environmental quality
  • Develop and implement the best available techniques to minimize negative environmental impact
  • Interact and cooperate with international organizations on compliance with international treaty obligations
  • Assist in the development, coordination, and implementation of targeted programmes and projects to improve environmental quality, environmental research, education, culture
  • Participate in the organization of information-consulting, scientific-methodical and editorial work, development relations with media
  • Support to specialized and other scientific, advisory and educational organizations and institutions
  • Organize and implement analytical, laboratory and environmental studies.


  • Companies representing the interests of environmental civil society organizations Subsoil users of categories I-III
  • Green Companies: waste recyclers, eco designers, green investors
  • Educational institutions dealing with environmental issues work to ensure the industry and business in Kazakhstan are environmentally friendly.